Created in 1999 by Dimitris Papadimitriou graduate TEI Vehicles in Thessaloniki, having already experience in photography and expertise since 1992. The first retail store opened in 2003 in Kalamaria Thessaloniki today is in Anthemus sea hotel in Elia Beach in Sithonia . Covering the needs of clients specializing in family portraits and weddings-baptisms,events, and fashion photography and photography sites. create albums,canvas, calendars The company has expertise basis of years of experience and full equipment of the latest technology which is modernized in accordance with the growing demands of the times. Since then, the company came to hold long-term collaboration with well-known five-star hotels in Halkidiki, Anthemus sea, Portes beach, Pella beach, Potidea Palace, village mare, and the children's camp happy Days Objective of Photography studios are Continuous improvement of the quality of products and services. Meeting the needs of consumers, fast, efficient and friendly service. Continuous training and improvement of working conditions of staff of the company. .